Bye Elephant and Hello Bear

I’ve been using Evernote for long already. Interestingly, on Evernote, I find myself spending almost same amount of time on organizing my notes as writing them.

It ain’t cool for a developer, it ain’t for an O.C.D, it ain’t cool for me.


Here comes my savior:


Yeah, he is a Bear, with almost full Markdown supports (e.g. Table supports will be landing soon). Nice & intuitive interface.

Bear's Markdown

Including over 20 programming languages supports that Evernote dropped very long time already.

Bear - Code Supports

Yep, comparison is what you need here:

Aspects Evernote Bear
code N/A Yes
markup semi-disabled HTML markdown
structure complex simple
web clip YES/Slow YES
price/year $69.99 $14.99

So, as a premium member, Bye Elephant, farewell Ulysses~