Do You Write?

Do you write?

I love this slogan from Ulysses. And yes, I do write & write a lot, not only blogging of course.


Speaking of serious writing, these are what I want:

  • Cloud-based. Yes, you know the feeling when your hardware crashed;
  • Lightweight markup language yet expressive, Markdown, Textile, reStructuredText etc. but not the F**King XML for sure;
  • Structural/manageable library for organizing document sets instead of single file based editor like Byword.

Under these circumstances, I found Ulysses at the discounted price $21.99 (as of 2014-07-18). And the conclusion it: WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Ulysses editing

Yes I know there are many popular ones on the AppStore for serious writing like Evernote, OneNote, but I was not a fan of rich text format editing and probably will never be, as tuning layout during the writing will totally interrupt my thoughts. But if you have already taken quite a fancy to WYSIWYG, I think OneNote is already good enough, and, it’s free.