Blogging on GitHub Pages

After spending a whole day to review & test the most popular static blogging platforms, I finally chose Ruhoh to start my first static blog. And since I don’t wanna mess with those generated files, I decided to segregate the sources from GitHub Pages by setting up another private repository on

  • Setup your ruhoh-based repository

Create your private repository on, then setup the skeleton as below.

git clone git:// <repos>
cd <repos>
git remote set-url origin<username>/<repos>.git
git push origin master
  • Setup corresponding GitHub Pages with your domain

Create a public repository for Pages, NOTE that this repository will be serving your blog, so it has to be public, let’s say we use “blog” as its name,.

git clone<username>/blog.git
cd blog && git checkout --orphan gh-pages
echo "" > CNAME && echo "Hello World" > index.html
git add . && git commit -a -m 'init import'
git push origin gh-pages

You should get a “Page build successful” notice from in a few minutes, you can then access the goddamn “Hello World” page via your domain. NOTE Don’t forget to point your domain name (A record) to, you can find the latest IP address on this page.